We’ll look deep into your industry to understand your customers, the content type, and search terms that drag them into your business. What keyword would work better from our research and leverage traffics on Search Result Pages. Then we’re ready to go!


The audit is the most challenging aspect of SEO as it requires analyzing and drawing conclusions from data that have been shown on your Website. So we will evaluate every aspect given on your site’s SEO to plan a better user experience.

Strategy stage at eComprep


Our strategy is split into two stands based on using insight analysis from
On-site and Off-site. The on-site strategy is subject to fixing errors on the
site and complying with google requirements. Ensuring changes are
aligned with Google algorithms so you can be competitive in the Digital
landscape. Off-site regards the creation of keyword that suits the business
objective and importantly building links on external sites. What influences
your position on search result pages are referral traffic and quality
external links - to do so, we create unique and engaging content for high
Domains Authorities, industry publications, and bloggers. In return, we'll
get quality and valuable backlinks that simply boost ranking and authority.


We provide either weekly or monthly reports to our clients, it's up to their
preferences. The report can help you understand how visitors interact
with your site and what can be done to maximize the number of
conversions. Also, if you are interested to find out what your concurrent is
doing, we provide competitors analysis as well



We've learned to simplify complex and technical SEO challenges to ensure
keywords relevancy. In another word, we learn to do SEO for a unique
business problem! We provide the best solutions for our customer's digital
marketing that goes hand in hand with their size, ambitions, and

Google Trends