Here below are the steps for your chosen campaign to attract more landlords for your business and establish strong pipeline prospects.



Genuine relationship sounds the central point of any marketing or sales to build awareness. If you are not aware of any existing landlords,  you would not be able to generate any sales.

So at this stage, driving traffic to a high quality,content-driven page is a” key and king”. And undoubtedly the favorable routes to conduct this awareness  campaign is Facebook advertising which has been proved to be really effective.

Further more , you scale your landlord a step further  via PR,organic social media post, organic SEO and paid search campaign though Google AD.



The engagement process will  be through  a dedicated landing page,video post, blog post or infographic-we would like client to take action so we drive traffic a specific high-quality content page emphasizing a goal without mentioning product or service.This a strategy process avoiding  proposals yet!


After engaging with  our content that satisfies client needs and hopes, we’ll suggest a proposition. Client be ask request a piece of content which  is related to. And it can be request by download a brochure or a  calculator detailing how the all process works.

File we be provide where they can fill in a data capture requesting personal name, email address or other relevant option offering with an opt- in box to ensure GDPR compliance. At this stage we’ll value client interest for our content and we’ll take further action accordingly.



When data are successfully captured, we’ll reach out  through automated email and thank you page asking  a service-goal conversion. This follow a free call conversation detailing the subscription pieces