Truly Detailed Business SEO Assessment

A suggestion for SEO best-practice: Add a meta description and hope the magic will pop up

That’s not how SEO works.

We make adjustments we know’ll move the needle, not just show up on some SEO software suite’s list of issues.

We know the difference between a broken 404 that fails to register a blip and a template change that increases a monthly revenue.

Our standard audit can provide our clients with complete insight into their website’s online presence, compare metrics that matter against their competitors, and help detect opportunities that can increase their overall web performance.

Within 10 days, our clients will have a better understanding of what their first or next steps should be to address their needs or online requirements. No matter what the objective is, whether what client wants to redesign their website and make sure their ranking equity remains intact or if they want to understand how their competitors remain on the 1st-page results, this product allows us to focus on the primary needs or requirements of our client.

The standard SEO consultation contains a summary analysis with a quick understanding of where the site stands, possible issues, and what points of action should be. This product provides you with a competitor analysis that focuses on their authority, backlink portfolio, ranking equity, content quality, and usability. It also covers competitor social profiles for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Content Pruning

We remove contents on your website that has little to no value to your business or consolidate and improve content from being indexable

Keywords Search

We look deep and analyse search terms that help leverage traffic on Search Result Pages for your business.

Title Tags

We practice the best strategy to help search engines understand what your page is about.

Internal Links Audits

Users and search engines can easily navigate through your site and find relevant contents

Canonicalization & Indexation best practices

Canonical helps prevent duplicate content by consolidating indexing and linking properties.

Title Tags

We practice the best strategy to help search engines understand what your page is about.