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Data Highlighter Benefits For Best SEO Off-page Practices Written -by Serge

The World Wide Web is loaded with many pages today. The truth is that SERPs (search engine results pages) it’s the most essential page as it determines your position and also tell how well or worse the Site has been optimized. We are all aware as Marketers of the challenge for anyone ranking their WordPress Website on Google’s top search results. So Increasing site traffic, click-through rates, and UX require skills and knowledge.  Data Highlighter’s an alternative markup that gives you a little bit more exposure on Search Results Pages.

Data Highlighter is a Search Console tool that helps Google find a pattern of structured data on your website.  The usability is tagging the data fields on your site with a mouse so Google can present your data in an attractive style –  search results and in other products such as the Google Knowledge Graph.


To perform structured data implementation successfully, certain tools are needed. Data Highlighter is a crucial and “Must Do”implementation that can help achieve a successful structured information execution.

Is your quest for Data Highlighter benefits? Are you looking for effective tips and tricks to use DH successfully? Keep exploring the wonderful information of this content and discover the advantages of using Data Highlighter.


 Major Data Highlighter Benefits:

  1. For implementing structured data,  Data Highlighter remains relatively user-friendly. Importantly, the good thing about DH  is that even novice or newbie users can manage the setting without much assistance. Using effectively Data Highlighter can secretly help to boost your site’s ranking on SERP. Yes, it sounds very tedious and simple but yet the result is astonishing!

2-Improve your visibility and look on search(Show below)

3. This tool is free for anyone to use, you just need a Google Search Console account and you are good to go! This implies that you are actually using the right Google legal requirements methods for a quality structure of raking.

4. If you do not have an extra fund to hire professional developers to make schema touches on your website, then Data Highlighter can be of huge support.


Are you code-illiterate? Do not worry because DH is the suitable tool you need to get through the complexity of ranking your website on SERPs


The Data Highlight tool will make it possible to markup several articles, products, events, and other structured informational projects in a flash.

The Main Functions Of Data Highlighter: For SEO to work efficiently, structured data markup remains crucial. With structured data markup, your WordPress site will receive proper Google promotion and relevance. The appearance of structured data on your website will be improved.   This will occur when you are able to tag the key data areas on the website’s pages. The end result will lead to the high ranking of your website in SERPs. Data Highlighter is the right tool created to help SEO function well for your WordPress website without using any code.

Tricks and Tips

Each item should be tagged separately if you want to tag a litany of items. For instance, multiple dates and performers should be done one after the other

Or simply tag a set of similar all at once


All of the needed data should be tagged. Ensure not to tag the unwanted areas

Commence from the top of the page if you want to tag content with several events. Go ahead to work your way to the bottom of the page. Data Highlighter will make a guess and tag the remaining pages after you have tagged enough data.

The default can be supplied as a replacement if pages contain missing data. This can be done from the gear menu by clicking on adding missing pages. In the page set, a default will eventually be used for all other pages.

Data Highlighter will make use of the website you tagged if peradventure you mistakenly tag a different URL


Data Highlighter will teach Google about the tagging information and the type of content on your website page. This includes and not limited to price, event name, time, geographical location, and other specifications. This amazing tool can be used in a plethora of structured dates such as articles, products, books, movies, restaurants, software applications, events, and much more.

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